Land of “Opportunity”

My parents come from… let us say a resource challenged time, when they were growing up in India

Call it Trust, call it the Brand, call it the faith, whatever they built in themselves represents what we all need to learn and build in ourselves.

  • As adults, education needs to be part of our life. We need to make time to sign up to some career-oriented-class for our betterment. There is always that self development to make ourselves better. Online or in-person, taking classes should is part of our life. How about 1% of our income for our personal development? Books, subscriptions, online classes…
  • Our brand is in the problem solving and application. “Knowlege is power” — but the power is in the problem solving that comes with experience.
  • We need to find the crack in the world around us that has potentials to help us shine. We need to ensure that we are always looking for the opportunities to build that experience.

A bird on a tree is not scared of the height or of the branch breaking because it knows how to fly.



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